Drafting Services

 "Quality CAD drawings of your addition, deck, or floor plans."
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CAD drawing of Small House

Elevations are drawn to scale with sufficient detail to provide a clear visual representation of the project.

Remodel Plan

Plan views show existing and remodeled areas according to field measurements, and customer information.

Here are some projects to consider wanting drawings of.

Room additions: show what goes or stays to help prepare your remodel project.

New home floor plans: building your home yourself? I can draw a set of plans according to your needs.

Kitchen remodel: see what is versus what will be.

Deck drawings: see your ideas to scale in relation to the house. See materials needed.

Outdoor landscape structures (hardscape): visualize where the new planters, walkways, patio, fountain, or garden will be.

Answers to Questions:

1. How much does a house plan cost? Answer: I charge $0.45 per square foot of living space.

2. What is included with the house plans? Answer: Floor plan, elevations, electrical locations, plumbing locations, and HVAC locations.

3. Are you an Architect? Answer: No, I'm a trained architectural CAD drafter. The plans I do are typically used for presentation to banks for loan purposes, or to the builder for cost estimation and construction. An architect can review the drawings then approve them if necessary.

4. How much do remodel drawings cost? Answer: Cost for remodel designs and deck drawings depend on the size,complexity and estimated time of completion.